If you want your Microsoft Team to be a productive place to work, build it around real-world teamwork. Your team needs a place to communicate, collaborate and coordinate. You’re team members are involved in multiple projects, communities and your business unit.

Microsoft Teams are your virtual activity based workspaces for focused collaboration. They closely resemble the physical places we shift between to work together with others on a common activity or task.

Use the articles and videos in this section of Modern Workplace Scenarios to guide the building and optimise your Microsoft Teams for teamwork. The principles and processes discussed here will fast track your Team building and understanding of how to use Microsoft Teams, in the context of your real-world work.

Creating a Team

Before you rush into creating a Microsoft Team, think about the purpose of your Team and who is on your Team. Consider these things and more, covered in this article.

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If you want use Microsoft Teams for productive teamwork and get off to a good start, establish how your team will work within it. 

The General channel

The General channel is where everyone begins to get to work when they have a new Microsoft Team. Set your General channel so it can be used for announcements and All Team discussions.