I’m sure if your organisation is using Microsoft Teams, you probably receive 10 or more emails a day for the activity you have missed. When someone sends you a Chat and you’re not active, you’ll eventually get an email notifying you that “Your teammates are trying to reach you in Microsoft Teams”. Right now, you can tap ‘Reply in Teams’ and the Teams will open (in browser or the app, depending on the default you’ve configured.)
But very soon, you’ll be able to send a short text reply directly from the email notification.

There’s 6 new Teams-Outlook email integrations coming. On episode 124 of The 365 Message Center Show, we’ll discuss all 6 and the other messages from this past week’s delivery.

  • Clutter for Outlook retirement
  • Microsoft Search Change to suggested Q&As
  • Microsoft Teams coming to existing installs for Semi-Annual Channel customers
  • A new account management experience in the Admin Center
  • Fluid Framework Preview for creating Fluid documents
  • Teams-Outlook email integrations
  • Retention labels, proof of disposal for records

Join Daniel Glenn and Darrell Webster as they cover the latest messages in the #Microsoft365 Message Center.

This week’s episode is sponsored by ValoIntranet, Teamwork and Idea Management for your Digital Workplace.

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