Stop asking individuals to care about Adoption of technology. They don’t care.

Adoption is important to the team leader, the manager who is encouraging a new way of working.
Adoption is important to the CIO who strategised and planned to implement the technology.
Adoption matters to the Executive who wants to achieve organisational goals and is relying on the technology to make that happen.
Adoption matters to the board member who approved the budget to invest in the technology to save money, or make more money for shareholders. Or both.

When does Adoption of technology matter to an individual?

When they clearly see what’s in it for them.When it helps an individual achieve their goals, reduce their tasklist, help them achieve more so they can live life.

High adoption is the goal of the technologist and the technology vendor. Productivity, job satisfaction and work/life balance are the goals of people.

Talk to people, to individuals, to leaders. Learn about how they work and what matters to them. Then you’ll find your key motivations for Adoption.

(Photo: Mentatdgt)