In this weeks installment of #Microsoft365 messages with Daniel Glenn and myself:

  • 3:05 – Teams secondary ringer.
    Got a bell? Now get a whistle too. Hear that call coming in even when your headset is plugged in.
  • 10:26 – Site Swap for orgs with less than 10,000.
    SharePoint site swap is rolling out to orgs with less than 10K seats. Change your root site for a gorgeous modern communications site.
  • 17:10 – Manage sharing requests from SharePoint site panel
  • 20:36 – Exchange Online improvements to accelerate replication of changes to Azure Active Directory
  • 25:32 – Teams channel moderation setting when posting a message.
    We took a quick look at the moderation feature. I have noticed that even as a guest in a network, I can set my conversation so only be responded to by moderators and myself. In my opinion, this is conversation restriction and not moderation.
  • 29:56 – Community hashtags for observed change: #M365Change and #M365Alert .
    We’re starting to use the hashtags even though we haven’t begun the conversation with Microsoft. I believe that being a community effort is more important than alignment with Microsoft social accounts. Alignment is a bonus, but not essential. The community will share what they observe, regardless of having an authoritative voice in the conversation.

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