Jeffrey’s Bay, South Africa. Supertubes.
Photo by Nicole Honeywill on Unsplash

It’s 3am. I’m in Jeffrey’s Bay, South Africa. Home of the ‘Supertube’ waves that are famously ridden by world-class surfing champions. I have been blessed to be on the #365TourZA team. (Much thanks to Tracy van der Schyff, Alistair Pugin and sponsors.) Lately, my best thoughts come to me in my sleep, tickle my ears and say ‘psst, hey. I’ve got something important to say and you’ll wanna wake up to hear it.’ Here, with the relaxing sound of surf stroking my soul in the night, I have had a revelation.

Supertubes 17 Pepper St, Ferreira Town, Jeffreys Bay, 6330, South Africa

One of the most highly requested features for Microsoft Teams has been Private Channels. “Please give me a place where a subset of my team members can collaborate privately and separately from the rest of the Team.” Right now, we suggest people create a new Team and tell people they are related. It is the best fit because all the security is entirely separate around each tool. Simple. It also sounds familiar.

Yammer uses a simple solution too. Create a new Yammer group and pin it to the sidebar under related groups.

I hope that the coming Microsoft Teams Private Channels are just as simple as their Yammer counterparts. When we create a Private Channel, what I want to see is essentially the new and entirely separate Team we currently create, but that it’s related in someway through the Teams UI.

Think of this too. If we are already creating a new Team when we need some privacy from other members, what if, like SharePoint Hub sites, we can detach a related Team (Private Channel) and relate it to another Team. Related Teams would allow for simple restructuring, just like the Hub site benefit.

Enough said / typed. It’s 4am and I want to wake in time to catch a Jeffrey’s Bay sunrise. Watch the waves reconfigure, curl and provide momentary privacy for their riders before regrouping for another set to inspire surfers.

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  1. Cool sentiment, Darrell. Thanks for sharing. I like the idea of detached channels. But my favorite is the thought of Related teams. That loosely coupled link between Teams or from a channel reaching out to other related Teams would go a long way towards increasing the connection between channels and Teams that has been driving folks to desire private channels. Great thoughts. Enjoy the sunrise, my friend!

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