Microsoft ToDo is becoming more capable of taking the full load of your task management from Outlook. In this latest release you can manage your flagged email.

At the beginning of the day we scan through email and prioritise what to respond to first. Some email requires a longer, more considered response. I flag these emails to remind myself to respond later. This creates a task in my mailbox, where I can set a reminder and make an additional note.
Now in Microsoft ToDo, flagged emails can be managed and prioritised with your other tasks. This carries on over to ToDo and Outlook mobile apps. Flag an email in Outlook mobile and it will appear in your Flagged Email list in Microsoft ToDo.

Some emails require a few steps to complete the task to respond. We can leverage the Steps feature in ToDo to break down the flagged email into related tasks. This is an improvement over Outlook Tasks that don’t have steps and require a new task for each ‘step’.

You can open the flagged email from the ToDo app. This works well on from mobile, opening the email within the Outlook app. However, on the desktop it will open in Outlook on the Web. It isn’t yet smart enough to open the message in the Outlook desktop app.

This is a welcome update, bringing email-based tasks together with everything else we have planned for our day.

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