While assisting organisations with User Adoption during their Microsoft 365 projects, I observed a noticeable gap in how-to video content for Outlook mobile. I’m going to do my part to fill the gap by creating an Outlook Mobile playlist of short videos, sharing the context of why and where you would use features in Outlook Mobile. Subscribe to my YouTube channel and keep up with fresh tips uploaded frequently.

When you’re working on the move, away from your desk or office, you need to keep up with important email. But you only have brief opportunities during your busy day to check your messages and decide what to give your attention to.

Outlook’s Focused Inbox learns what’s important to you and displays those messages first. All the messages are still delivered to your Inbox folder. But the ‘Focused’ view displays the more important messages first. Outlook also learns what are less important messages such as email subscriptions or distribution lists that you don’t engage with much. Those less important messages are shifted to an ‘Other’ view.

The Focused Inbox service is available through Office 365 and can be used from Outlook on your desktop and Outlook on the Web. But I think it proves it’s worth while you’re working away from your desk or office. In between meetings, walking to your next appointment, waiting in reception before your appointment, make better use of your time to check your email and give the important messages your attention.


    1. Good point Lea. You can always tell when people are new to Outlook Mobile because of the ‘Get Outlook Mobile’ advertisement added in the default signature. At a minimum I recommend changing it to your name. But it’s enough to delete the text, or replace it with a space.


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