Microsoft Ingite 2018 announced an important update for Microsoft Teams mobile users. Create a new Microsoft Teams meeting from the mobile app. Invite people from inside your organisation and check their availability as you do. Adjust the time if it doesn’t suit some of your invitees before you send off the invite.

I had the opportunity to meet with Mansoor Jafry, Principal Group PM – Microsoft Teams Mobile Experiences. Mansoor takes us through a demo of meetings from Microsoft Teams mobile app, showing the progress towards a complete meeting experience from your mobile.

Since the arrival of the Microsoft Teams mobile app, I have found countless times where I needed to organise an online meeting from my mobile. The need arises when you read an email or you’re talking with someone in person. You want to create an online meeting and you’re organisation is starting to use Microsoft Teams in place of Skype. Up until rececently you needed to open up a laptop and either use the desktop client or open Teams in a web browser. Some websites allow you to request the desktop version using your mobile browser. Microsoft Teams channels you through to use your mobile client and offers no browser experience. So there was no work around to organise Microsoft Teams meetings from your mobile.

The Microsoft Teams mobile client Meetings tab introduced a ‘New Event’ button in the top corner. You may have missed it if you don’t check the Meetings tab often. Meetings will be created in the ‘Chat’ space of Teams. This means they are stand-alone online meetings, outside of any team and channel. In this regard, the are much like Skype for Business meetings. Add people from your organisation’s directory, or guest users that have been invited to a team and are therefore added to your directory as guest users.
At this stage, it appears you can’t add the email address of  anyone outside of your directory, be it guest or tenant user.

While in the meeting, you can review a PowerPoint ahead of the presenter. Skip ahead a few slides, while the rest of the audience is viewing with the presenter. If you have been given presenter permissions, you can request control and advance the slides while you deliver you section of the presentation. Both of these capabilities allow a presenter to be able to present from anywhere, without the need to get your laptop or tablet out of your bag. This adds to a capability we received earlier in the year, where we can share our phone screen into a meeting. That opens up many new simplified opportunities for demonstrations and training from your mobile, or simply to discuss content from your mobile as a full participant of the meeting.

Learn more about what has arrived and is on the roadmap for the Microsoft Teams mobile client by viewing the MSIgnite session Mansoor co-presented with Swati Jhawar “BRK3231 – Collaboration on the Go with the Microsoft Teams Mobile App


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