Charlotte Coneybeer –

Updates in the Cloud come frequently. This is illustrated as climbing a mountain by taking the gradual and steady route. The updates are small and frequent, rather than large and introducing significant differences.

If updates can be small, manageable and frequent, why hasn’t the people side of delivering technology shifted to small, manageable and frequent upskilling?

Why do we still run big, disruptive training campaigns outside of the context of real work, near the cutover date of the technology project timelines?

We should be sharing small skill updates. They can be quickly consumed. Easily shared. With only a few steps, new habits and ways of work can be quickly formed. They are easy to talk about in the context of real, relevant work. They are easy to post in a community and encourage org-wide discussion.

We should be sharing manageable skill updates. Skills we can work into our day without a large investment of time.

We should be sharing frequent skill updates. In this, we make learning always available.

We need to break learning down into frequently shared packets to develop a habit of learning.

Large lumps of learning amount to stressful change.

Small snacks of skills gradually build to productive change.

Create an organisational culture that not only copes with change, but benefits from it.

It’s time we aligned your delivery of learning with with the delivery of updates.

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