Meeting Notes button

Take notes during your meetings in Microsoft Teams using the new Meeting Notes app. It appears to be based on the Wiki app that launched with Microsoft Teams in 2017. While you have the side panel open to type chat during a meeting or invite participants, the new Meeting Notes button will create a panel for taking meeting notes. It feels natural to change between the meeting chat and the meeting notes

Meeting Notes is based on the same experience as the Wiki tab. Create pages, sections and notes. There are some basic formatting options available, text can be hyperlinked and pictures can be uploaded. You can @mention a person from within the note. This will be really useful for drawing a person’s attention to the note when it is about them. The notes are associated with the meeting conversation. When you start to create meeting notes, a link to the notes will be added to the conversation.

Meeting Notes link in conversation

Click the the link to show the notes in fullscreen. You don’t have to leave the meeting to take notes. The meeting video or shared desktop content will minimize to the top-left corner of Microsoft Teams and you can add your content to the Meeting Notes app.

Meeting Notes fullscreen

There is one main difference between the Wiki app and the Meeting Notes app. Meeting Notes are created in a meeting and are attached to the conversation thread of that meeting. Any conversation you have is kept in one thread. The Wiki app lets you begin a new conversation thread from a section in the Wiki.

Meeting Notes similar to Wiki

Some might say, “we have OneNote for meeting notes.” This is true. If OneNote works for you and your team, that’s great. Microsoft continues to add new services to Microsoft 365. Sometimes there is overlap in functionality. But each similar application has it’s strengths and weaknesses. You can access your OneNote notebooks from different devices and draw notes. Whereas the Meeting Notes and Wiki apps can use @mentions to get people’s attention.
If you view Microsoft 365 as a large collection of apps, try them and find out what works well for your team. It may be that the new Meeting Notes works well for you because it is easy to access in a side panel during a meeting. Or you may find it useful to copy a link to a note and discuss it in a new thread.

While I’m a big fan of OneNote, I can see the potential for using Meeting Notes. I had my reservations about the Wiki app and felt that as a feature, it may not be developed further and would eventually be deprecated. But as Meeting Notes is leveraging the same functionality and is using SharePoint lists in the background, I think it’s here to stay.



  1. Any way to share the meeting notes to participants who don’t use teams? Would love to be able to email the notes to all meeting attendees for review after a meeting has taken place.


  2. How would can you know that a meeting has notes and are the notes searchable? I don’t know that this is any more useful than OneNote since I can’t get reminders.

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    1. I agree Mark. I want to see Teams meeting invite include a link to meeting notes. When the notes are unplanned, I think the notes should become a posted reply to the meeting thread, much like a document attached to a conversation. Better still, the notes should be pinned near the top of the thread.


    1. If the meeting was organised without assigning a team and channel to it, then yes, the meeting notes are only visible by joining the meeting. If the meeting is within a channel, you can view the meeting notes from the tab.


  3. I have set up 3 regional meetings with Teams. Two of the meetings have the “meeting notes” tab but one of them its missing. I set them up exactly the same way. How do i add the “meeting notes” tab to the one that is missing as I cannot find any option for this?
    Hope you can help.


  4. It would be really important to point out, that “Meeting Notes” tab is created by scheduling a meeting in the Calendar. And, assigning the meeting to that channel will create the tab automatically. This was an important side note that was left out, was driving me crazy!!!


    1. HI David, you say “And, assigning the meeting to that channel will create the tab automatically.” – HOW do you assign a meeting to a channel?


  5. We have added members to an existing meeting, but when they click on the Meeting Notes tab, they get the notification: “Sorry, you don’t have access to notes for this meeting.” How do we grant them access? Thanks.


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