The way we collaboration and communication continues to change. Intranets have played an important role in corporate communication and given us a place to work together. But with the tools and platforms we now have, do we still need Intranets? Let’s talk about that.


Tune into Episode 2 of the #RE365 Debate, live streamed on 19 Apr 1pm PDT, 3pm CDT, 10pm SAST / 20 Apr 8am NZST, 6am AEST. Or you could just click the video above, subscribe and set a reminder 😉


Corporate intranets began to develop in the mid 1990’s and were based on the public world wide Internet. The first intranets were a collection of static pages with company information and resources. They quickly became portals and places to phone lists, help desk systems, document sharing and search. Intranets  are usually accessed and consumed using a web browser. A large focus for Intranets has been for organisational communication, through articles and stories. But they have expanded to present and embed information from other business systems, dashboards and multi-media. Intranets have provided a place for open discussion across an organisation, achieving an openness that email has continued to struggle to provide. Forums and bulletin boards facilitated conversation, providing a place for questions and feedback.

However,  we have more options for providing conversation now. Chat based systems and real time communication experience a high level of engagement. Discussion platforms and supporting mobile apps reach an audience that works fluidly, moving to different locations and expecting to remain connected and informed using the phones in their pockets. Documents are uploaded and shared from cloud services with the sole purpose of providing storage and co-authoring features. News is being shared in conversation and across multiple platforms.

Are Intranets still relevant?

Regarding 365 are bringing another group of thought leaders and experts together to debate this very question. As leading intranet service providers continue to change their products and compete with morphing communication platforms, do we need Intranets?

Tune into Episode 2 of the #RE365 Debate, live streamed on

Apr 19 – 1pm PDT, 3pm CDT, 10pm SAST

Apr 20 – 8am NZST, 6am AEST

Our panellists for this episode are:

Yes, Intranets are still relevant

Liz Sundet
Daniel Glenn
Sarah Haase

No, Intranets are no longer relevant

Tracy van der Schyff
Alistair Pugin
SĂ©bastien Levert

After an intro from each team, each panellist will have 3 minutes to make their points before letting the other team respond.

Once everyone has had their 3 minutes, free rebuttal will commence for the remainder of the episode.

Why all the rules in running the debate? So we can hear from each panellist. Everyone has something good to contribute. The most provoking thoughts may even come from the quietest panellist.

We’re making a first attempt at facilitating the debate using a Microsoft Teams meeting, captured using Open Broadcast Software and live streamed to the Regarding 365 YouTube channel. It has worked in practice. Now it’s time for the live event. No pressure.

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Keep an eye out for our panellists talking about the topic on Twitter using our official hashtag #RE365.

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