If you’re organisation is using Microsoft Teams and Planner, you would have experienced some frustration. Channels are a natural, logical way to focus conversation and content. Plans can be created within channels in a Team, to coordinate tasks within a channel. However, the Planner tab is limited to tasks and containers. Open the Planner web app and you could only see the single plan for the whole Microsoft Team. Your Planner tabs in channels didn’t surface in the Planner web app. 

Late last week, that began to change. Now Plans created in Microsoft Teams channels can be viewed in the Planner web app, to make full use of all the Planner tools and views. One view that will be useful is the assigned tasks view, showing the task assignment count. You can quickly identify who has less more tasks and is over-utilized. A team running a status update meeting can open the full view of a channel-based Plan and work their way through updates and assignments. 

Microsoft Teams also recently released the personal Planner app available in the desktop app and web browser.  It shows all the tasks assigned to you across all your plans. The Planner and Teams pairing is finally becoming more usable. Ultimately, individuals need to see all their tasks from their Plans together, so they can organise their time and focus. Channel based plans will soon be accessible from the Planner mobile app, and eventually integrated with MIcrosoft To-Do. That’s when people will be able to order their day based on tasks across Planner, Teams, Outlook Groups, Yammer, To-Do and potentially MSProject. 

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