Adopt and Embrace just finished hosting their Christmas party using Microsoft Teams. I had just finished running my last Skype workshop for the day in Hamilton, New Zealand. Everyone else had ordered Uber Eats and I headed down the road to a Thai restaurant I had found. I joined the meeting in our Team as I walked.

Here’s Paul Wood’s write-up from his LinkedIn post.

When your team are distributed around the world… you can still have a great Christmas Party.

Today we are celebrating the year that was with our team across Los Angeles, Hamilton (NZ), Brisbane and Perth. All planned and executed using Microsoft Teams (part of Office 365)

The instructions…

Step 1: review the Uber Eats menu for your area (via the Browser Tab in the “A very -teams- xmas” channel)

Step 2: place your order and delivery address into Planner (another tab in the channel)

Step 3: dress up for the occasion

Step 4: connect via Teams video

Step 5: eat a great meal together as the orders get delivered simultaneously

Step 6: laugh at Darrell Webster’s dad jokes

Merry Christmas everyone from the team at Adopt & Embrace!


The quality was great. I was on a 4G mobile network and had a 1.5 hour call as we all had a virtual Christmas meal together. I used a Plantronics Edge ear piece and set my camera up on a Ztylus Journalist tripod I use for live streaming interviews.

On the Brisbane side, Paul, Juliet, Jenn and Jeff grabbed a meeting room at their co-working space in Little Tokyo Two. Jeff connected his Surface to the screen and mounted a web cam on top, then used a Plantronics Bluetooth speakerphone to capture the audio.

This is what Microsoft Teams is all about, bringing teams together quickly and easily, with good quality audio/video calls. Paul created a channel for organising the catch up meeting, ordering the meals and discussing the event before we held it. Everything pertaining to the event was kept together in the channel. Lastly the event itself was brought together in the channel. I captured the “Team Christmas Photos” as screenshots and posted them back into the channel conversation.

Microsoft Teams brought our Christmas party together. Simple success story, celebrating our year, remaining connected.

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