Windows 10 Fall Creators Update has arrived and with it, the highly anticipated OneDrive Files On-Demand. My Dell XPS15 must have been in the initial list of approved hardware because the Fall Creators Update was available on the day of it’s release. I installed the update before going on a business trip for a day and I didn’t have time to look closer at the update. It was only this morning that I looked into whether or not I had Files On-Demand.

I was listening to Richard Hays on the Observed Tech podcast and he mentioned in his Fall Creators Update episode that Files On-Demand would come as separate update. He listed some steps about how to pull the update down early. It appeared to be installed already, judging by the icons I saw in OneDrive Personal, in Windows Explorer. I installed the update manually anyway and checked to see if the feature was available on my synced OneDrive for Business and synced SharePoint Online document libraries. No, not yet.

It appears that Files On-Demand is switched on by default for OneDrive Personal, but you need to turn on Files On-Demand for each OneDrive for Business account you are using. The instructions from are:

  1. Select the OneDrive cloud icon in the Windows notification area (Blue for OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online)
  2. Select Settings (Cog icon)
  3. Select the Settings tab
  4. Select Save space and download files as you need them.

When you open a SharePoint Online document library and choose to sync, OneDrive will now create placeholders. It wont download the files simply because you clicked the sync button in the library. Either

  • Open a file – it will download/sync and open
  • Right-click a file, multiple files or a folder and choose Always keep on this device.

So if you are going to take some files with you to work offline in a plane, make sure you have intentionally opened or chosen to “always keep on this device.”

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