Thank you to all who attended my Meetup at MSIgnite – Keeping up with change in Microsoft Office 365. I had very positive feedback from attendees, who found it valuable to get insights from other organisations and how they keep up with changes. It was a Meetup in the truest sense, as each table discussed the questions. 15 or so people joined live via Periscope and at least two people joined participated in the shared notebook! Thank you Tom Grissom from Illinois and Philip Worrela from Switzerland!

When I asked how many people in the room were members of the Microsoft Tech Community, I was surprised to see how few hands were raised. Hopefully you all made it here to the community now, to join the conversations about change in Office 365.

My experiment with live streaming the Meetup worked for the most part. I connected the Surface Hub to a Pexip meeting space and broadcast to Periscope and YouTube simultaneously. I also joined the meeting from my phone, using the Skype mobile client. This enabled me to visit tables while the questions were being discussed so I could share the conversation with the online audience.

To reduce the echo and background noise, I muted the mic on the Surface Hub while I visited the tables with my phone. However, I should have unmuted the Surface Hub when I returned to the stage. So you’ll see a few minutes of silence as I introduce the next question, then unmute my phone and visit some tables again. So apologies for the silence as I introduce each question. Bare with it for a moment because the discussions at the table were invaluable.

Most groups made a few notes during the Meetup, using the shared OneNote. I took screenshots of the notes and added it to my PowerPoint deck after the presentation. 

Thanks again to all who participated. It is my mission that if I am invited back to speak again next year, I want to enable other MSIgnite based meetups to be broadcast in the same way, using Surface Hub and Pexip.

Till then, keep each other update to date and get conversing.

A little more conversation, a little more action

All this aggravation ain’t satisfactioning me….


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