If you’re one of the lucky members of your team attending MS Ignite, do you have a plan for sharing what you have learned? They probably expect you to give a trip report when you return and give them some recommendations on content to view from the recorded sessions. But I think you can do better than that.

If your team uses Outlook groups, Microsoft Teams or Yammer, you can leverage the conversations with the notebook.

  1. Create a group in Yammer or a channel in an existing Microsoft Team, perhaps the team that represents your department or work group.
  2. Use the OneNote notebook in your team or group. Then you know everyone has access to it.  If you’re using Microsoft Teams, create a OneNote tab in your Microsoft Ignite channel.
  3. Connect to your notebook from your mobile and your laptop or tablet. With the notebook on your mobile, you can:
    1. Take quick notes of an idea.
    2. Take a picture of a product, a business card or a slide from a presentation. Add some more notes to give it context.
    3. Record a quick audio note, if it is easier than typing something.
    4. Make use of voice to text if you have it. Don’t be shy to do so. We’re at a tech conference for goodness sake. What other event will people be more accepting of someone trying to enunciate their words clearly to use voice to text?
    5. Take notes in sessions. Just bullet points of big points. Remember to record the session code in the title of the page, to indicate which session. Then finding the session recording will be much easier. Now that you can embed YouTube videos into a notebook, you can add the vide of the session to the page later too.
    6. Get your team to list some of the topics and sessions they would like to know more about. If you find you need to miss a session you planned to attend, you could use this list to answer some questions for the team.
    7. Hold a discussion about Ignite, using the Conversations for your Outlook group, Yammer group or Microsoft Team. Reference some of the notes in your Ignite notebook, in the conversation. You can copy a link to a page or paragraph and paste it into the conversation.

There are plenty more possibilities to loop in your team with these tools. If you manage to get a thread of decent bandwidth during conference, you might even start a video call from Microsoft Teams and share what you’re seeing.

These tips can be used for attending any event, not just MSIgnite. Near the beginning of my video, I gave an example of Paul Woods, sharing his Microsoft Inspire thoughts within a Yammer group. Out little team based in Australia and New Zealand were able to join the discussion while Paul attended. John Tropea applied his researching genius and added some valuable resources to some of the threads, to enrich the conversation and resource. The point is, you can involve your team through conversation and notes within either of the Office 365 Group Conversations choices.

Let me know if you what you’re doing to share your experience with your team in the comments below. I’m always open to more ideas.

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