I’m starting a new live stream where I walk through the messages in my Office 365 Message Center. This is as much for my benefit as it is for those who watch. I need to check my message center more often to see what has changed and what I need to prepare for. I hope to live stream each Friday Pacific Time / Saturday morning New Zealand Time. I’ll prep my content and push out a #LiveIn5 tweet with a link to the stream.Maybe when I get a routine, I’ll be able to schedule a regular time to watch. But for those who miss it, I’m archiving my live streams here. I’ll activate the stream early and start live chat before the scheduled time. Work with me. It’s my experiment in live streaming and these days, I find it easier than writing a blog post.


This week in my Office 365 Message Center,

New feature: Expanding file management in modern SharePoint Libraries

Copying from OneDrive to SharePoint is a BIG DEAL. For the regular information worker, it hasn’t been the easiest task to save documents to SharePoint. Our default behaviour when we create a document is to open the application and get started. 30 mins into document creation the file is still called “New Document 54.” Um, yeah. I better save that before I lose my work or at the very least make it hard for me to find.

What’s the next default behaviour? That’s right, save it to the desktop or the My Documents folder on the PC. But some have started to practise Cloud-Citizenship and save the document to the OneDrive folder they have synced to their PC. At least the files are now synced. Well, if you’re using the new OneDrive sync client that is. Because they’re in OneDrive they can be accessed from other devices and easily shared. But it’s the sharing that has been causing a meshy-mess. Clinton shares a file or folder with Kasey and Moana. Phil wants access too, so asks Clinton to share. The file or folder becomes more and more important to operations and business process. Clinton goes on annual leave. Heather needs access but Clinton isn’t available to share. Clinton gets an inspiration to move country because he enjoyed his holiday in New Zealand. (You can pay me later Tourism New Zealand.) Now poor IT Gal/Guy has to work with Clinton and put his files where his team can continue to use them.

Copy/Move from OneDrive to SharePoint, to the rescue. When that file you shared with a few becomes a team file shared with many – Move it. Because now you can. I don’t need to go into why do I? Similarly, if there’s a need to move a file between Team sites, go ahead. Though in my testing I found I couldn’t move or copy to a Team site or Office 365 Group Team site in a different site collection. Maybe that capability is still coming.

The handy thing about this feature is it will list the sites you are following and frequenting. So you don’t have to go hunting for the site you want to copy/move the file to. Another benefit brought to you by the Microsoft Graph?

New feature: Create Office 365 Groups with team sites from SharePoint Home

We’re starting to see the loop close with Office 365 Groups and Team sites. When we create an Office 365 Group, a Team site is created. Last year great rejoicing was heard from all SharePointers when the full Team site was exposed in Office 365 Groups. The modern Team site look kept with the theme of making SharePoint more consumable for the typical info worker.

This week in my tenant I can create a Team site from the SharePoint home and it creates an Office 365 Group. It takes a longer to provision the other services for an Office 365 Group such as the Conversations (shared mailbox). But the ubiquity of Office 365 Groups increases.

That’s it for this week. While typing this up, some more Message Center goodness appeared. I’ll leave it till next week.
Until then, keep checking your own Office 365 Message Center. Be Informed.

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