Are you a member of a Professional Learning Community (PLC)? Many teachers and schools benefit from the supportive structure of  PLCs, where they can improve their professional learning, work collaboratively on learning goals and lesson plans, ultimately improving learning for all students. But teachers are very busy and running and participating in PLCs can be challenging. Microsoft provide a simplified collection of tools for teachers to communicate, collaborate and coordinate within Professional Learning Communities. Powered by Office 365 Groups and OneNote, PLC Groups support the communities activities without making technology the focus, or a barrier.

As New Zealand and southern hemisphere teachers returned to a new school year, some were asking about the Professional Learning Community Group template in Office 365. Rather than find the answer together and write it up, I thought we could do much better. Let’s talk to the people who made PLC Groups and are using them every day in schools.


Tune into my new Live streams at

Professional Learning Community Groups and OneNote

Feb 15 – 9am PST/5pm GMT | Feb 16 – 6am NZT | Or in your local time zone


I interview Krish Gali, a Product Manager at Microsoft for Office 365 Groups, and Robert Dickson, Executive Director at Omaha Public School to talk about his schools experience with PLC Groups. On our teacher panel we have New Zealand MIE Experts Rachel Chisnall (@ibpossum) and Morgan McKeen (@morg3nm), who have some good questions lined up for Krish and Robert.

If you miss the live stream, be sure to watch the recording and other archives of live streams on my YouTube channel.

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