Teams discuss documents. Discussions enrich documents and documents enrich discussions. Discussions refine documents. If you don’t believe me, there is documented proof. I just don’t have it on me at this stage. But “Believe me. It’s true. It’s going to be great.” If you’ve tried Microsoft Teams or have been using it while in Preview, you’ve already figured out that you can hold a conversation about a document by uploading it to a new or existing conversation thread. But there is another way to both start a conversation and access past conversations about the document.

Open any document within the Microsoft Teams application. While previewing the document, you’re able to start a conversation or access past conversations, right alongside the document. The value of keeping the conversation with the document is that it’s easier to find and recall what was said. The content is also convenient to access, to review or edit. This capability has been in Yammer for quite some time and has begun to appear in email conversations within Outlook Groups, when attachments are opened within the web browser. Microsoft Teams provides the same experience and along with Yammer and Outlook Groups, you can edit the document directly from the web browser.

I think we’re benefiting from conversation and content features like this, that keep us in the context of what we are working on. Interruption to work is reduced because you remain in the Team, channel or Group related to the content and conversation. It’s subtle things like this that guide us towards more productive habits.

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