OneNote and have delivered yet another valuable way to share notebooks in this announcement. If you’ve ever wanted an easy way to give a copy of a OneNote notebook to many people, now you can.

Publish your notebook to your profile and then your followers / audience can download their very own copy. This can be useful for sharing:

  • Conference notes
  • Class lessons
  • Workbooks for training, to be completed by individuals
  • A recipe book
  • Travel journal / guide, like the one published last year. You may recall this blog post where Harper Collins and Microsoft published a travel guide for Japan in the OneNote and Sway format. The published travel guides are each a OneNote notebook can be downloaded to your OneDrive. Then open each guide on devices such as your smartphone and use during your travels in Japan. Here’s an example – the guide for Osaka.

Essentially, if you want to create a book in OneNote form and allow people to take their own copy and add their own content, use to publish it.

Read more in my Sway journal at

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