This is a very short post to help get the word out about how to provision Office 365 Planner Preview in their existing tenants.
We received a message in the Office 365 Message Centre of our Admin portal detailing how to provision the preview.  The Message Centre message advises
Action Required: None.
That’s not the case, obviously. Follow the steps in the video or the list below.

Edit Jan 19 – Microsoft recently published official steps for provisioning Planner Preview in the support article “Add Office 365 Planner Preview to your account“. Additionally, if you have many users to assign Planner Preview licenses to, review the method for performing this using PowerShell – “How to use Office 365 PowerShell to assign Office 365 Planner licenses.”

Sign up for the Office 365 Planner preview today


We’re releasing a new feature to enhance your Office 365 experience. Planner makes it easy for your team to create plans, organize and assign work, share files, chat about what everyone is working on, and get updates on progress.

How does this affect me?

The Office 365 Planner preview is available to First Release tenants, starting today.

What do I need to do to prepare for this change?

  1. Open an InPrivate browsing session, and then copy and paste the following URL:
    Edit – It is important that the InPrivate browsing session is a new session. If you use the link above with a browser session where you are already logged into the tenant, you’ll get a message saying you can’t add Planner Preview to an existing tenant.
  2. At the top of the page, click “Sign in” to add Office 365 Planner Preview to an existing subscription.
    Edit – This step is important. You’ll instinctively want to fill out the form. But if you want to add Planner to an existing tenant, you need to click “Sign in” at the top of the page.
  3. Sign in as the global admin for your subscription.
  4. On the “Confirm your order” page, click “Try now.”
  5. On the receipt page, click “Continue
  6. Once you have signed up for the preview, you can assign licenses to users.

Click Additional Information for detailed steps and instructions on how to quickly assign Planner licenses to users.Because Planner is still in preview, we want to shape Planner’s future by working closely with you. The data stored in Planner will migrate smoothly when Planner is generally available. However, migrating licenses will require admin action

So Planner is definitely in Preview. As you saw from the video, it may take a while for the Planner tile to appear in the App Launcher for a licensed user. It may also take a while for Planner to appear with the list of availalbe services for Office 365 Groups.
Till then, access Planner by signing into

There will be steps to follow later when it becomes Generally Available. But we do have access to it after months of anticipation.


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