A couple of months back I joined the Skype Meeting Broadcast Preview and recorded by exploration in the video below. I had attended the session at MS Ignite in Chicago, “All about meetings in Skype for Business” and was keen to experience some of the features myself.Questions I had were:

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  • What was the video quality like in practise?
  • What can we present during a Skype Meeting Broadcast during the Preview?
  • What is the audience interaction experience like using Yammer and how do I set it up?


In my first video I walk through the setup of a Skype Meeting Broadcast, adding Yammer as a conversation panel. One of the key considerations is whether your audience is already a member of the Yammer network and group being used as the discussion experience. If you are, it works well. You may need to log into the Yammer panel to access the discussion. I “borrowed” a group from the Office 365 Network during my video, though I didn’t post anything. If you’re setting up the meeting broadcast for your company and it uses Yammer, it’s easy to involve people in the conversation panel. However, if the meeting broadcast is public, involving new audience members has it’s share of friction. If an attendee is new to Yammer, they will need to sign up for an account, join the network before they can view and participate in the conversation panel.  This is not ideal, though for ongoing conversation it’s a great platform to use.

A presenter’s experience is also about 30 seconds ahead of the audience. Conversation and questions being asked in Yammer are in reaction to something you said 30 seconds ago. The presenter can find this distracting if not managed correctly.

In my second video, I share a recording from the audience perspective. I attended a meeting broadcast presented by Michael Gannotti of the Microsoft Technology Center in Philadelphia. The topic was about using OneNote Staff Notebooks. Michael demonstrated a good technique for managing delayed conversation. He stopped occasionally to read through and respond to the questions and comments.

Watch me set up the meeting, discuss it’s settings and talk about the experience as a presenter. Then watch the experience of an audience member, showing how Michael deals with delays and how I interact with the conversation via the Yammer panel.


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