Office Blogs announced Sway is rolling out to Office 365 beginning today. So I wanted to share my initial experiences as I take a look at what’s available.
Since the announcement, there’s a few discussions in the Sway group on the Office 365 Network about preventing Office 365 Sway’s from being shared publicly and how to disable the feature entirely.

Here’s a quick and raw video of my experience of Sway in Office 365 as I log in and add content to an Office 365 Sway. I say again, it’s a raw video – no Morgan Freeman narration or Weta Workshop graphical wizardry.

Some notes and observations

  • The log in experience prompts you for your email address then asks you to choose if it’s a Microsoft account or Office 365 account. So it’s not a single sign on experience. That may be yet to come.


  • As Sway rolls out to Office 365, it may take a while of the tile to appear across in the app launcher across all Office 365 services. Initially, I saw it from my Office 365 start page at and while using Outlook Web Access (now called the Mail tile in the app launcher.) The tile wasn’t visible while in SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business, Yammer, Delve.
    But, at the time of tapping out this sentence on the keyboard (20 min after recording the video), the tile is visible from the app launcher across those services.
  • If you have been using Sway with your Microsoft Account, there’s apparently a way to copy those over to your Office 365. Sway account. But for now, you start off with a couple of demo Sways to show you what’s possible.
  • There are a few public sources where you can add content from, but no Office 365 sources yet. To bring content in, I need to download from Office 365 to my computer, then upload. I am unable to navigate to a document library in OneDrive for Business or a Team Site and use that as a source for my Sway.
  • As a work around, I’d like to be able to embed documents situated in Office 365, using the embed card. But the URL isn’t allowed because it’s not on the approved list of URL’s. I expect eventually that * will be added, to cover
  • Dragging and dropping a document from the local computer behaves as expected. It imports the content, laying them out as cards, depending on how you have used formatting in your document.

Join the conversation, reactions and discussions in the Sway group in the Office 365 Network –


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