Join us as we talk with Ian Stuart from Glow, Scotland’s National online learning environment about running OneNote Hackdays.
Using the fun and focused Hackday event format, Scottish educators are creating OneNote-based multimedia textbooks that cover their national curriculum.

Find out

  • What is a OneNote Hackday?
  • The benefits of using OneNote-based textbooks and workbooks.
  • How to run a OneNote Hackday with your team, your school or your professional network of educators.



Thank you to our presenter Ian Stuart and all who attended and participated. We discussed some excellent ideas and I look forward to seeing if we can get OneNote Hackday’s running at schools, in districts, across the country and perhaps… even an International 24hr OneNote Hackday! Stay tuned for that.

Our interactive meeting contributors this time were Annette, Cal Armstrong, Pete Morey and Virginia. [ View our notes ]

Wednesday, 25 March 2015 at 5:00:00 p.m. GMT / UTC – Thank you to all who attended and participated.

View the meeting in your time zone

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Inking, manipulating text, pictures and links, student interactions… and more.
Learn tips and tricks from educators doing this every day.




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