Delve-adds-email-attachements-to-results-featIt looks as if we have a new signal… search result… thing… added to Delve. I was first alerted to this change by Jasper Oosterveld. Good spotting Jasper!
We are now seeing emails from our company contacts that have attachments. In the example below, I received an email from a colleague with a pdf attached. This Delve “card” was displayed in the Home view of Delve. But hasn’t yet appeared in the People view when I selected Jacqui to see content from her. This item may appear there later, after a Delve analysis cycle.

A side effect of this is that it highlights who still sends attachments, rather than links to documents that are stored in SharePoint Online. So those who live and still think email first, will still be included in Delve-presented activity.

Why is this useful?

Aside of reading my email daily, when I read Delve regularly, I will now see documents sent to me from people in our organisation. I can open the email and document alongside each other, read the document and see the message and context around it from the email message.

Why not just read the email from Outlook Web Access like you usually do?

Sure, you can do that. No need to change habits there. But as Delve begins to add more “signal thingies” and serves up different types of content and communications, it will become just as useful to visit and read what’s new with your connections in your business and your business in general.


Clicking the document name at the top of the Delve card, the email subject or the View the email link opens the message in a new browser tab, in Outlook Web Access. The attachment is displayed using Office Online and the email message preview is displayed on the right.


Note: There’s no sense in pinning an email card to a Delve Board to share with connections in your organisation. The only person that can read a Delve Email Attachment card (that’s what I’m going to call them), is you. It’s specific to your Inbox.

Now if this was a Yammer document card or Office 365 Groups card (I made those up), it would be shared with the Yammer/Office 365 group where it originated from. Then it would make sense to add to a Delve Board and share with the group.

Keep looking for more Delve cards that will share more different kinds of content in the coming months.

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