What is a OneNote Class Resource Catalogue?

In a previous blog post, I discussed the value of worksheets and hand outs as teaching tools. In a virtual learning environment, we can create engaging worksheets with content from multiple sources. We stepped through how to reuse existing worksheets and learning resources, turning them into OneNote pages that can be used and stored in a OneNote Class Notebook.

In this post we look at a method for storing and sharing lesson plans and worksheets. We will:

  • look at a OneNote Class Resource Catalogue created using a OneNote notebook.
  • store the notebook in our department or teams SharePoint site.
  • use the search feature of OneNote, to find a lesson plan and worksheet.
  • copy the lesson plan and worksheet to our OneNote Class Notebook and run a lesson from it.
  • see a student copy the worksheet to their notebook and complete it for homework.

The goal is to make these resources available to other teachers in our department, who teach the same subject or are members of our teaching team / syndicate. The OneNote Class Resource Catalogue makes it easier to search, find and copy resources to your Class Notebooks.


Resource Catalogue Structure

If our lesson resources are OneNote pages, it makes sense to store them in a OneNote notebook. OneNote notebooks use sections and section groups to organise pages. The resource catalogue takes advantage of this to group resources by year or grade, topic and resource type.


The following is a suggested notebook structure for a Science department in a high school.


  1. Catalogue Home – The homepage of the Resource Catalogue
  2. Year – Year / Grade of the class
  3. Module / Topic – The module or topic covered in the curriculum
  4. Resource Type:


  • Lesson Plans – A Teachers resource for running the lesson. These can be used with the content or collaborative space of your Class Notebook.
  • Handouts / Worksheets – For students to complete, or for working with other students as a group.
  • Homework – For students to complete.
  • Quizzes – Informal tests completed during class
  • Previous Exams – Students can use these for practise. These can be shared in the content section of your Class Notebook. Students can copy them from there to their own notebooks for practise.

Create worksheets and handouts for your OneNote Class Notebook

Review my previous post to learn how to create a worksheet or handout using OneNote.

It is recommended that you author your resources in the Class Resource Catalogue. However, you can create them within your own OneNote Class Notebook and copy them into the Class Resource Catalogue to share with other teachers.

How to use the Resource Catalogue

Use the Resource Catalogue to find lesson resources and copy them to your class notebook. Or author resources in your class notebook and copy them into the Resource Catalogue to share with your department or team.

Find lesson resources


Use the built in search feature of OneNote to find lesson resources quickly.

  1. Click in the OneNote search box
  2. Change the search scope to This Notebook.
    Tip: Set this Scope as Default, to always search in the current notebook first.
  3. Search for a keyword e.g. Friction
    1. Choose from Recent picks
    2. Page titles that use the keyword
    3. Page content that includes the keyword
    4. Pin the search results to browse through them and sort them by section, title and date modified.


With the search results pinned, sort them by date modified, title or section.



Look through lesson resources, browsing the sections and structure of the notebook.

  1. Open the Year of the class you teach. The Years are OneNote Section Groups.
  2. Open the module or topic you want resources for. The modules or topics are also OneNote Section Groups.
  3. Resources are organised in sections – Lesson Plans, Handouts, Homework, Quizzes… but you’re welcome to create your own sections to organise resources.

Copy lesson resources to your OneNote Class Notebook

  1. Locate the page with the learning resource.
  2. Right-click on the page and use either of two methods:

Copy and paste the page



Use the Move / Copy dialogue box



Students can use the same method to copy a worksheet, handout or assignment into their own notebooks to complete.


The OneNote Class Resource Catalogue simplifies sharing lesson resources with your department or team. Using OneNote to store, search for and sync resources, Teachers have easy access to lesson plans, worksheets, homework exercises and other resources.

Learn additional tips by reviewing OneNote Class Notebook Creator – Officially Launched.




  1. Did you set up the resource catalog using the onenote class app? If not how did you control editing with the teachers you shared with?


    1. Hi John. I created the OneNote based resource catalog as a standard notebook. The notebook is saved in a document library on a SharePoint team site which controls the access to the notebook. Permissions are set so that teachers can share the notebook, edit and contribute to it to create the resources. When the resource is ready, teachers can copy the resource to each of their class notebooks to use.There’s no need for a collaborative and content section in the resource catalog. So there’s no need to create it using the OneNote Class Notebook Creator. Only teachers access the resource catalog. Create a resource catalog for each department to create and share OneNote based resources. Or if you wish, for each team (year) in each department.


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