Worksheets and handouts resources are still a valuable teaching tool in classes.

OneNote-Class-Notebook-Creator-Creating-Resources-featThey support the concepts and activities for a lesson. They give students an opportunity to reflect and apply what they have learned, reflecting on the concepts and applying them in activities, experiences and problems.

These resources were traditionally written on a board and students followed along and answered the questions. Or they were (and still are) printed in books. Students were assigned a workbook for the year and used it in class and for completing homework questions. Books were returned at the end of the year in various degrading states and schools had to eventually replace them.

Later when photocopying and printers became more affordable, teachers hand-drawn or typed worksheets and handouts were easier to produce for class. Resources are still most commonly created with office productivity tools such as Microsoft Word and physical copies of the resources are given to students.

In recent years, affordable laptops and now tablets and smartphones have made it possible to easily share lesson resources in an interactive and portable format. Worksheets and handouts on sheets of paper are static. They are limited in what they can display; pictures and text. They can be the basis of an interactive lesson, where a worksheet involves an activity, experiment, group-based work with other students. But lessons don’t have to be limited to static pieces of paper.


Teachers are now creating lesson plans that involve participating in interactive internet based activities, watching instructional videos, writing and sharing content with other students or the rest of the world if it involves blogs, forums. Schools are making more use of computer labs, shared tablets and laptops. They are allowing students to bring their own device and prescribing them as a necessary tool.
Now, more than ever before, teachers and students are better equipped to exchange worksheets and handouts on paper for a simple and interactive electronic format.

The challenge has been to find an application or platform that is easy to use to create learning resources, share them with students and manage their responses when the completed resources are handed in to the teacher. Classes using Microsoft OneNote and Office 365 now have the application and platform to make this possible. Using the OneNote Class Notebook Creator, teachers can create a shared notebook; a virtual class environment.

Teachers can create, share, teach from and gather for assessment and feedback.

Students can now write, type on, submit and share their homework, projects, group-work and assignments using OneNote.

Create your learning resources in OneNote

In this post, I’ll show you how to create worksheets and handout resources using OneNote using your existing resources. We will cover how to:

  • Turn an existing electronic document (Word, PDF, PowerPoint etc) into a OneNote page.
  • Change a physical worksheet resource into a OneNote page.
  • Bring together the best pieces of worksheets to create a new resource in OneNote format.
  • Create a new worksheet resource with the tools in OneNote

This tip is for schools and teachers using the OneNote Class Notebook Creator. Learn more about it and find other tips by reading my blog post – OneNote Class Notebook Creator – Officially Launched 

Reference: Creating a Homework page with OneNote Cal Armstrong of Appleby College (Canada)


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