As you use the OneNote Class Notebook Creator in your schools and colleges, you might have some feedback for the OneNote team at Microsoft.
This tip is for schools and teachers using the OneNote Class Notebook Creator. Learn more about it and find other tips by reading my blog post – OneNote Class Notebook Creator – Officially Launched 

Microsoft are continuing a trend of openness and responsiveness to our feedback and requests. They listen, evaluate and make changes to their online services, browser based apps and device apps more frequently than before.
One place they use to gather feedback are the UserVoice forums. This is where you can give your feedback and cast votes to show your support for other feedback given on the forum.

The OneNote team at Microsoft use the forum and provide various categories for feedback such as the desktop application, device apps, OneNote Online and additional services.

Post your suggestions to the OneNote Class Notebook Creator category…

OneNote-Class-Notebook-Creator-Feedback-iconTell the OneNote team what you think. Add your ideas and vote on the ideas you like. Discuss the idea in the comments. Often more ideas come out of great discussion.



How to join and post at

  1. Signing into UserVoice is easy. Use either your Facebook or Google account. Or sign up for a UserVoice account.OneNote-Class-Notebook-Creator-Feedback-01
  2. After signing in, visit the OneNote Class Notebook Creator category to create your post.
  3. Enter your idea. As you begin to type, UserVoice will search for other ideas that might match your idea and list them below.
    Consider reading through them to see if you can add your vote and voice to an existing idea or suggestion.
  4. Post a new idea if you feel your idea isn’t represented by an existing post.
    Note that your idea will be posted in the OneNote Class Notebook Creator.
  5. Describe your idea here. It helps others to understand and support your idea with their vote.
  6. Allocate a maximum of 3 votes.
    You have a total of 10 votes you can use to create ideas or vote for others ideas.
  7. Post your idea.
    Take the opportunity to share your idea on any social channels you belong to, like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ etc.


There are some great discussions around the feature requests for OneNote, not just in the category for the Class Notebook Creator.
Help shape the OneNote Class Notebook Creator and OneNote in it’s many other forms with your ideas and feedback.


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