This tip is for schools and teachers using the OneNote Class Notebook Creator. Learn more about it and find other tips by reading my blog post – OneNote Class Notebook Creator – Officially Launched 

You want your students to get connected and get working quickly. The link provided at the end of running the OneNote Class Notebook Creator is a useful first step. However, it assumes that the student has OneNote installed on the device they are accessing the notebook from.



Create a link to open the notebook book in OneNote Online, in your favourite web browser. Students who don’t yet have OneNote installed can open the notebook anywhere. Students who do have OneNote installed can open the notebook in the browser, then choose Open in OneNote.

Of course, once a student has connected the OneNote application to the class notebook, it’s easy for them to find because they have a synced copy in their list of notebooks.

  1. Open the EDUOneNoteAppDocuments document library. If you have completed my previous tip, this library may be renamed and available in the Quick Launch menu in your class site.
  2. Within the notebook document library, notebooks are kept in a folder named after the teacher. e.g.
    Open the Courses folder and click on the class notebook.
    The notebook will open in OneNote Online.
  3. Copy the URL from the address bar of your browser.
  4. Return to your class site.
    Tip: Beside the OneNote Online icon at the top of the screen, click the name of your class site.OneNote-Class-Notebook-Creator-Make-your-Notebook-Easy-to-find-02
  5. In the Quick Launch menu, click Edit Links.
  6. Click + link to add a new link.
    The Add a link window will open.
  7. In Text to display, type the name of your class notebook.
  8. In the Address box, paste the link you copied from the notebook while it was open in OneNote Online. OneNote-Class-Notebook-Creator-Make-your-Notebook-Easy-to-find-03
  9. Click OK to save the new link.
  10. Click Save to save the changes to the Quick Launch menu.


A link to the notebook can also be placed on the home page by inserting a link on some text or placing an icon for the notebook on the page and linking it to the notebook.


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