I am very gratefully accepting the MVP award for Office 365 for my 2nd year. The Office 365 Community made me & I’ll continue to enjoy giving to community.
It has been quite a year, keeping up with all the changes.

  • I’ve turned my focus to helping people use the huge Office 365 toolset at the User level. There are many talented IT Pros who are immersed in migrations, customizations and configurations of Office 365. I want to help the average person to learn how to use Office 365 to improve their workday; to communicate and work like a network.
  • I’m enjoying my new role at ShareThePoint.com, working with an awesome team and helping show organizations and schools how to use SharePoint and Office 365. Thank you Debbie Ireland for the awesome job and continued support.
  • I have made some valuable connections within the community and am grateful for their openness to communicate and willingness to share and listen.
  • I am benefitting daily from my interactions on the Yammer network in the Office 365 Technical Community. It has been an honour to be a network admin. Thank you Kady Dundas, Mike Holste, Marissa Salazar and the Office 365 Technical Community.
  • Joined the Office 365 FM team and enjoyed helping out with the Office 365 International User Group. Thank you Sean McNeill, Loryan Strant, Martina Grom and Jethro Seghers.
    We also fired up the Office365MVPs.com site to gather together some very active experts and their blog posts. I was amazed at the willingness to contribute. Thank you to each MVP taking part.
  • Revved up the NZ Microsoft Cloud and Infrastructure User Group, joining a great team of experts and presenters. Brendon Ford, Stu Fox, Nick Westbrook, Farhan Sattar.
  • The OneNote team have been leading the charge in the “Mobile First, Cloud First” strategy and listening and acting on feedback. Working with the OneNote Classroom Notebook Creator has been a great experience. Thank you Ari Schorr, Tom Wionzek for keeping me in the loop with OneNote EDU developments.
    Thanks also to Marjolein Hoekstra, Sam McNeill, Grant Saul, Andy Gorton, Richard Knuckey and Arnika Brown for our exchanges in OneNote experiences and findings.
  • Joined the Microsoft NZ EDU Yammer network and bunch of talented and enthusiastic schools and teachers. Thank you Anne Taylor for inviting me to be part of the Office 365 journey in NZ schools.
  • Attended and spoke at TechEdNZ for the first time. What a crowd, masses of knowledge and learning. Thanks Regan Murphy and Karl De Borst for inviting me to be a part of it.

Thank you again and I look forward to connecting with you and helping you out for another year as an MVP.


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