When organizations implement a new system they face two distinct challenges:

  1. How do I get this to work?
  2. How do I get my people to use it?

As IT Professionals, we are more comfortable and confident answering the first question. Sometimes we throw technical solutions at the second question in an attempt to answer it, with mixed success. Let’s take a look at some of the common questions about User Adoption and see how Office 365 has some Out of the Box, User Centric answers.


Mixed reactions

My IT Pro audience is usually left with the challenge of both implementing Office 365 and ensuring successful user adoption. In this changing IT world, where there are fears that IT Pros are losing their jobs to “The Cloud”, it isn’t easy to hear that we have to adapt and change. We are more comfortable working with the technical rather than the people side of implementing a new system. Office 365 helps us to return to what IT is all about, supporting people in their jobs and roles in the organization. We are freed up to focus on helping people to use the systems more effectively and investigating integration and improvement of other systems in our organizations.

To those who attended my session, who were expecting more technical answers to an organizational cultural problem and didn’t get those technical answers, I apologize. The aim of the presentation was to show there are some simple, built-in features in Office 365 that your non-technical users can benefit from, that will help them adopt using Office 365. Simple, non-technical answers. I don’t apologize for delivering that message.
Make sure you point these features out to your organization. Don’t avoid running training. Give your organization a good start to using Office 365.

It can be done

One session I attended at TechEd showed me that IT departments CAN change – and for the better.
Waikato Institute of Technology (WINTEC) not only moved to Office 365 and other cloud service successfully, their whole department had a radical change in their thinking and operation. Watch their presentation and see that IT departments can rediscover the user centred approach to implementing upgrades and new systems.

“Transformational IT in Action, Using Cloud to Get Out of the Way”


Aside of these sessions, I took notes on a few other sessions I attended, Keynote included.

View the notes here, powered by OneNote – http://bit.ly/tenz14notes


Thank you

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