nzmsciug-27Aug14The NZ Microsoft Cloud & Infrastructure User Group met on 27 August and were treated to a walkthrough of Office 365 FastTrack hosted by MVP Brendon Ford.
Microsoft will offer deployment planning and email migration service assistance to organizations who have 150 or more users and are wanting to move to Office 365. They will fund a planning workshop and give the organization up to $15 per seat to help with deployment costs. An organization can choose to use Microsoft’s services for deployment or engage a Microsoft Cloud Deployment Partner to help them deploy.

One key message Brendon shared was that organizations should choose the option to deploy with a partner to get a more tailored deployment and adoption experience.

We saw the FastTrack site created in SharePoint Online, a site with content that guides you through the planning, pilot and deployment phases. Demo and concept sites can be deployed to show how different team sites might look for the different departments in an organization, HR, Legal, Administration, IT Support. They are a starting point for ideas and inspiration for what is possible in the real deployment.

I managed to record Brendon’s presentation using TechSmith’s Fuse application. However, it took a little while to find how to get the recordings into Camtasia.
(Please excuse the Pizza Intermission at 14min. Thanks for the pizza and drinks MSCommunities)

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