At Australian SharePoint Conference (AUSPC), we were honoured to have Rebecca Jackson present her session “Melbourne Water Case Study: Engaging your Organisation in an Intranet Rebuild”. Rebecca will be presenting this session again at New Zealand SharePoint Conference on 23 July, Day 2 of the conference.
Rebecca will be sharing ANOTHER talent with us at #NZSPC, her SketchNotes.

The Plan | The Result – The Keynote sketchnotes | What’s on the mind of Enterprise leaders? | What do businesses need to be ready for? | Using SharePoint before it was trendy | Microsoft Delve | Surface Pro 3

View Rebecca’s sketchnotes live – 9am Tuesday 22 July

Open the online version of the NZSPC Conference Guide notebook:
1. Click the section “Session Notepad”
2. Click the page “Keynote – sketchnotes by @_rebeccajackson”
3. Watch Rebecca Jackson‘s sketchnotes live – Powered by OneNote Online and Surface Pro 3.

At AUSPC, I lent my Surface Pro 3 to Rebecca and took her through a few basics using OneNote Windows Store App and the new Surface pen. The result:


Thank you Rebecca! We are looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

The Result – How did Rebecca do with Surface Pro 3 and OneNote?

I setup a page in the NZ SharePoint Conference Guide Notebook for Rebecca to create her notes, as mentioned above. Then I opened the notebook using the free OneNote Windows Store app. This app is pre-installed on the Surface Pro 3 because it works really well with the new pen and button.
One advantage of the OneNote Windows Store app it has a well designed touch experience. The radial menu is Radial menu for OneNote Windows Store app - Rebecca's Penseasy to use with your little finger, while you continue to hold the pen with your remaining fingers. Rebecca set up 4 pens with a set colour and thickness, so she could quickly change to them while she was notesketching.

Another advantage is the full-screen mode, that lets you focus on recording your content. The radial menu provides the touch friendly environment where your drawing and writing tools are still easy to access in full-screen mode.

The Australian and New Zealand SharePoint Conferences were lucky to have the services of a company by the name of Glyma, who recorded they keynotes and some of the sessions, then information-mapped the content, points and videos.

I used TechSmith’s Camtasia to record Rebecca’s sketchnoting in real time, as a movie. Paul Culmsee’s team are currently mapping out the sessions from conference and will include the video recording of Rebecca’s sketchnotes of the NZSPC keynote. The end result will be the video of the sketchnotes and audio of the keynote together.
This Glyma map, along with others will be available here from 1 August, after the Glyma team have completed their magic 🙂

Glyma Information Map of the NZSPC Keynote

– Link available here from 1 August.


And now, for the visual result. View Rebecca Jackson’s sketchnotes of the NZSPC keynote.

What’s on the mind of Enterprise leaders? – Maria Martinez Torres


What do businesses need to be ready for? – Julia Jack


Using SharePoint since before it was trendy – Vaughan Robertson


Microsoft Delve – Chris Johnson


Surface Pro 3 – Dean Edwards


How did Rebecca feel about using the Surface Pro 3 with OneNote for her sketchnotes?




My Tweetline – Tweet-stories from NZSPC

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