I have been discussing the use of screen recording tools and OneNote with Ben Hilliam and Sam McNeill of St Andrews College, Christchurch, New Zealand. Ben is a teacher and Sam is the director of ICT. Both are proficient OneNoters and are making the most of technology to enhance their lessons, without making the technology the focus.

Ben has been making his recordings using Microsoft Office Community Clips, an Office Labs tool that was released a few years back. While discussing what tools he uses, Ben compared Community Clips, Office Mix and OneNote.
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@samuelmcneill @DarrellCWebster @tomgrissom @OfficeMixTeam com clips no work with hi res. mix not plug in for OneNote. OneNote writes sharp

— Ben Hilliam(@benhilliam) June 18, 2014

Full conversation here

Ben wants to keep using OneNote as his inking and whiteboarding (Noteboarding) tool. I agree with him. OneNote has so many options to use as a free form presentation tool. That’s a whole other blog post right there!

But what I wanted to clarify was that you don’t have to give up your Noteboarding if you’re using Office Mix. Keeping using OneNote, by all means. Consider using Office Mix as your recording tool. One of the things I like is that by embedding different recordings or sections of your video into slides, you allow your audience to control the pace of the video. Viewers can click through the slides.

In this Office Mix, I show you how to use OneNote with Office Mix, to present, ink, noteboard and record.


View the Office Mix as it is intended to be viewed

Or click through the embedded PowerPoint. Slides with video can be played using the video controls within the slide.



Wouldn’t it be great if we could embed the Office Mix, with all the interactivity, recorded audio and embedded video?


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