ChangeAlertsLogo_3-200Many eyes make light work of watching, because we don’t all have time to check every corner of this large, growing and ever-improving collection of online services that is Office 365.
Often the community of IT Pros are quick to observe change and let others know; currently, faster than the Office 365 Admin Portal Message Center alerts or blog posts.

If you don’t know already, Microsoft hosts the Office 365 Network on Yammer (, where much discussion takes place about the services, challenges, development and ideas. Groups on the network are used like distribution groups, but with a whole lot more functionality.

One useful group in the Office 365 Technical Network is the Change Alerts group.
IT Pro peers use this group to alert the network and Office 365 community to observed or forewarned changes to the Office 365 services and apps.

We try to use three mechanisms for alerting the network and community to changes:

1) Join the Office 365 Network and post to the “Change Alerts” group.

ActionJoin and subscribe to conversation in this group. Subscribing to the group will have the same effect as being a member of a distribution group. You can receive an email when posts are made and you can reply to the email to participate in the conversation.
Once you are a member of the Change Alerts group, you can also create new posts by emailing directly to the group using the address



2) Use the #ChangeAlerts topic/hashtag when posting about a change you have observed.

ActionFollow the #ChangeAlerts topic/hashtag. Conversations using this topic will appear in your “Following” feed on the home page of this network.



3) Share #ChangeAlerts posts that are made, to the “Change Alerts” group.

Action – If we post to the groups Office 365 IT Pro, SharePoint IT Pro, Exchange IT Pro, Lync IT Pro, and Office Apps, share the post to the Change Alerts group. In this way, you’re alerting IT Pros who are following a particular online service and those interested in all changes


If you do notice any new features or changes, please take a moment to post in the Change Alerts group in this network. Members of the group are helping each other to stay aware and keep up to date with change.

If you’re not a member of the Office 365 Technical Network on Yammer, come join us. Sign up for a free account at Later, if your organization decides to use Yammer Enterprise, you can migrate to it and activate it as part of your Office 365 Enterprise subscription.

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