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UPDATE: Microsoft have now released the OneNote Class Notebook Creator. This is the new name and replacement for OneNote setup tool for Teachers.
Read about it and learn tips for installing and using the new tool in my postOneNote Class Notebook Creator – Officially Launched


Microsoft have two great tools in preview to help educators work more interactively with their students.

OneNote gets a helping hand from a new app “OneNote setup tool for Teachers.” The app sets up a shared notebook in SharePoint Online, where students and teachers can work together. But with a twist.
Within the notebook is a notebook for the teacher, a collaborative notebook , and a notebook for each student. Student notebooks are synchronized between the student and teacher, so work can be submitted and feedback given without the need for email.

Office Mix adds interaction and feedback to PowerPoint presentations. Use the PowerPoint add-in to record your screen, write directly on your slides like a whiteboard. Insert questions and answers in different formats and get detailed analysis on how your students experienced the Office Mix based lesson; whether they understood the concepts and answered questions correctly.

The Office Mix presentation below is a demonstration of both tools, combined. I recorded the use of OneNote setup tool for Teachers. Using the recording, I created a PowerPoint presentation and added Office Mix interactivity. The end result is… well… a very exciting, educational blog post.

This call’s for a full-width post.

I’ll let the Office Mix and video speak for themselves.


The Mix: 

The Video:

The PowerPoint Presentation:

I found that after creating your Office Mix, you can upload the PowerPoint file to OneDrive and use embed code. The Office Mix features, questions, interaction, are all retained and presented in the embedded presentation.

Office Mix Tips:



Stick to standard fonts for your presentation and Office Mix. Compare my video with the fonts in my Office Mix and Presentation. Office Mix will substitute fonts if you have used fonts that aren’t available to Office Mix.

Questions and Answers

  • Remember to set answers for your questions. If you don’t, Mix will set your first answer as the correct answer in the list of answers. This can get confusing when your visitors when they answer the questions.
  • Questions that require Multiple Answers – When there are multiple answers, your visitor will need to choose all answers that apply. If they only make one choice and submit, the answer will be incorrect.

Inserting a YouTube video

  1. Select Quizzes, Videos and Apps button
  2. Choose Web view app and trust it
  3. Enter the URL

Enter the URL using the embed code, NOT the sharing short link.

i.e. My embed code for my video below contained the link src=”//

Use the text in orange from your embed code.

Make sure you deselect showing suggested videos. You don’t want inappropriate “related videos” appearing in class material. It will take some time to get students back on task.


Previewing your Office Mix

Preview your Office Mix before you upload it. You will be able to view the slides and the Mix app parts from the preview, but you wont be able to answer the questions while previewing.

Previewing your Office Mix app parts – Questions, Video content

It’s best to preview the Office Mix app parts from the slide where they are being used.




Upload and share the presentation with the Office Mix bits to OneDrive or SharePoint Online.


Changes to a published Office Mix

Currently, you can’t edit the slides or Mix app parts in a published Office Mix. You will need to republish the Mix, with a new URL.
If you do this, remember to set your Share permissions again if required. I needed to set mine again to Public-Anyone can watch.

On reflection, I think I understand why changes to a Mix are published as a new Mix. The questions and interactions with a Mix are specific to that version of the Mix. If you change the Mix, the questions or slides, the responses and analytics from visitors may be mismatched or shift out of context. It might be a good reason to have some version control in Office Mix, so responses are kept with the version of your Mix.

For now:

  • Save your Mix and republish.
  • Change your sharing settings on new Mix to the level you had with your previous Mix.
  • Update the locations where you published your sharing link to your Mix. It has changed now. This may include updating embed code, if you are sharing your Office Mix from OneDrive or SharePoint Online.
  • Finally, set the permissions of the previous version of your Mix to Private, visible only to you. This prevents any interactions and responses with an old version of the Mix.


Update to Office Mix

It’s almost ready for General Availability release – view post


I’ll add more tips to this post as I find them. Once Office Mix comes out of Preview, things may change and improvements may be made. But it’s a great start to a useful tool for classrooms.

OneNote setup tool for Teachers – Setup Notes

In addition to the video, I have found a few interesting things while setting up the app in SharePoint Online.

Anatomy of the OneNote courses Folder and Notebook



The top level folder created when you run the OneNote setup tool for the first time in your Team Site. This folder will be created in your default “Shared Documents” document library for your site. The folder will be named using the user account of the person running the setup tool. In most cases, this should be the Teacher.

Do not change the name of the Shared Documents library, or the tool will fail to run. Thanks Kurt Soser and Boluo for helping with that discovery.


Course: The Notebook

In my example, the course is English.


Within the Course are “Notebooks”. The “Notebook” is a OneNote Section Group, a folder that contains OneNote sections and pages.


The Content Library: The Teachers “Notebook”

This is the space where Teachers share course materials with their students.


The Collaboration Space: The Shared Teacher and Student “Notebook”

The notebook for all students and the teacher in the class to share, organize, and collaborate.


The Student “Notebook”

This is the space for students to work, shared with the Teacher.




To open the notebook in Explorer mode as above:

  1. Browse to the Documents library and the folder named using the teachers user account. This is where the Teacher / Student notebook resides.
  2. Open the folder and you should see the notebook(s). Mine is named ‘English’.
  3. Use the Library tab in the Ribbon menu and choose Open in Explorer. You’ll see the folder structure and .one files.


I’m looking into a way to add more “Teachers” to the notebook, who will share full control with the notebook author. ‘’ responded that this isn’t possible at this time. It would be beneficial to add more teachers in the full permission / teachers role to a notebook. Teachers often work together in a faculty to plan lessons together and align all their resources with the curriculum. There might be 5 teachers who all teach Year 11 English. They will cover the same curriculum, same lesson plans, assignments and homework. Each teacher may vary the lessons a little, but essentially the same. They would manage their content from within the same notebook. Being able to give a relieving teacher access to the notebook is important too, rather than sharing the log in details for the regular teacher.

Microsoft Account required?

While responding to Kurt Soser’s comment below, I ran the OneNote setup tool for Teachers app again in a different site.

I did the following:

  1. Logged in as a Tenant Administrator, I visited the SharePoint App store from my site. I searched for, found and added the OneNote setup app.
  2. OneNote-Setup-Tool-for-Teachers-Setup-Notes-01
  3. The page redirected and looked to be logging into a Microsoft Account. I use Windows 8.1 and have connected my Microsoft Account. Some sites that require a Microsoft Account will detect I’m using Windows 8.1 in this way and by design, log me in automatically.
  4. OneNote-Setup-Tool-for-Teachers-Setup-Notes-02
  5. Before going any further, I decided to log out of my Microsoft Account. I assumed it would be enough to use the Tenant admin account for my site. I closed the browser, opened a new session and started again, logging in afresh as the tenant admin. All went well till it was time to add the app. I was redirected to a Microsoft Account log in page. Strange.
    I’ll have to confirm with Microsoft what is going on here.
  6. After logging in with my Microsoft Account, I was able to continue installing the app as normal.
  7. Trust the app
  8. OneNote-Setup-Tool-for-Teachers-Setup-Notes-03
  9. The app begins to install in the current site and is also made available for the rest of the tenant to use.
  10. OneNote-Setup-Tool-for-Teachers-Setup-Notes-04OneNote-Setup-Tool-for-Teachers-Setup-Notes-05
  11. At this point, the app is available to launch and run as it was in my video.

Answer: Yes. A Microsoft account is required for purchasing apps from the SharePoint store. Even for “purchasing” free apps.
Take care then Office 365 Global admins, when installing SharePoint apps. If you have a session open with your Microsoft account logged in, you could be “purchasing” the SharePoint app using your own Microsoft account. This warning will certainly apply if you are using Windows 8 / 8.1 with a connected Microsoft account. I observed the behaviour above when my connected Microsoft account was used to install the SharePoint app.


Updating the OneNote setup tool app


There has been an update since I last installed the app. You wont get an obvious alert anywhere to say there’s an update available. It will only be visible when you view All Site Contents and see the above subtle change in text on the app tile. I was unable to find a page in the process that tells me what is included in the update.



  1. Hi Darrell. Thanks for this useful information. I tried it over and over again but I get an error, when I click on the OneNoteApp. It says: “Sorry, You don’t have Shared Documents or Documents. Please create one.” I am sure I have Shared Documents and I am Admin of the Site, so I can figure out the Problem.What is strange to me, is that when I click the OneNote-App the URL changes from… to, where the # stand for different numbers… Is that OK?
    Please could you help me, cause I would LOVE to use this OneNote-App with my students!!!


    1. Hi Kurt. It’s normal to see the You said you are an admin of the site. Are you a tenant administrator? You’ll need an “Organizational account with Tenant Administrator privileges to install the OneNote Setup Tool for Teachers for all the teachers in your school.”Did you review the steps that the IT Administrator (Tenant Admin) needs to follow?


      1. I solved the problem. The Problem was, that the shared documents library has to be called exactly “Shared Documents”. (bit of weird for me as a German speaking user and that the app depends on this special name). But now, it works like charm!


      2. Thank you Kurt and Boluo for sharing your solution. It looks like the tool requires many of the defaults to be in place, such as the “Shared Documents” library.Kurt, what is your default library called on a new Team Site? Are you saying the OneNote setup tool has a problem when the site is using a different language and “Shared Documents” translates to something else?


  2. Hi Darrell, Thank you for your video on the OneNote setup tool for teachers – is this a new development or has it been there for a while. I use OneNote quite extensively and we have OneNote for our staff handbook and Faculty minutes etc.


    1. Hi Theresa. It is a new development. The SharePoint app has been in Beta for a little while now, available in the SharePoint store. So Microsoft are still taking feedback. Like our Guest commenter points out, there are a few things still being worked on. But it’s a great start to providing a free form learning environment and creating an easy way for students to share their work with the teacher and collaborate with other students.


  3. Neat tool, have found though that the students can only edit their sections using the onenote client program and could only view the webapp version.
    Is this the case for anyone else?


      1. Hi Dave and Guest. It’s a bug that is soon to be fixed. Students will be able to use OneNote Online in their browsers to edit the sections and pages they have permission to edit. i.e. Their notebooks and the Collaboration Space sections and pages.


      1. She never left! The message in the SharePoint Store wasn’t a ‘Dear John’ letter. OneNote setup tool for Teachers just went down to the store to pick up some milk 🙂


  4. I have a question about some of the functions or systems current teachers have in place:
    How does a student submit work in OneNote For Teacher so the teacher can assess and comment the work?


    1. Hi Shane. Students use their section of the Class notebook. Only the teacher and the student can see the students section.Students don’t necessarily submit their work. The work they complete in their section is always available to the teacher from within the notebook. It is available via the browser and also syncs to the teachers copy of the notebook. That’s the simple brilliance of using OneNote as a class notebook.


      1. Thanks Darrell, So do you have to worry about students editing your comments and/or assessments within the OneNote file? I am thinking at the high school level students may see – a 5 /10 and quickly make that a 9/10 – what is the safety on this?


      2. Hi Shane. Sure, the student may change the mark or your comments. They are capable of doing this on a physical paper copy of their homework and assignments too. OneNote is just a medium for communicating and sharing work, comments, feedback, research etc. When you write a mark on the students work in OneNote, you would also record it in a separate system – e.g. your student management system.That would be my suggestion.


  5. Dear Darrell,We work with very pleasant a class notebook. In
    september starts a new group and then we want to open a new class with
    notebook. Can we copy the current notebook and then add new students?


    1. Hi Herjon. You’ll need to create a new notebook for the new class. Then copy the content from the old notebook, section by section. I suggest you use a section as a unit of work, a topic that you cover in class. As you cover different topics throughout the year, copy them over to the new notebook for your new class.


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