Do it more. Connected to projectors, laptop or tablet, in webinars and presentations, Noteboarding with OneNote is an excellent communication tool. I have been using it more and more, especially since setting up my desktop with my Surface Pro like this:
Today I was performing some remote support using Citrix GoToAssist. I had to explain a few concepts by drawing some diagrams. So I lay my Surface Pro flat, swapped the remote support so I was sharing my screen and we talked and drew.
The drawings using OneNote helped get us to the light-bulb realization moments faster.

Useful tools used in practical ways. Let me know if you’ve tried something similar.



  1. Hi Darrell, I agree here – We had Epson showing us their latest smart projector the other week and they were very surprised to see me using OneNote on their projector with a pen!


      1. Pen for the one they left with us for a couple of weeks. Their new touch smart projector is not available over here until the start of April. But as it is only a small amount more, that’s the one that we are interested in. Also worth noting that it is a 1/3 the cost of a “traditional” smart board. Nice kit. Shame I’m not on commission as we immediately placed 20 into the organisation!


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