Today, Office Blogs announced OneNote is now free to download and install on Mac and Windows computers.

“Wooooohooooo! OneNote for the people. Everywhere. Free!”


But more than that. Now that the software is free, Microsoft has added a bunch of new features, API access, Partner apps and devices.

OneNote for Mac currently stores the notebooks in OneDrive (consumer). That’s the first step. But OneNote for Mac will be able to access SharePoint and Office 365/SharePoint Online soon.

Some the new features include:

OneNote Clipper: The new OneNote Clipper lets you capture any web page in one click, available for Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Mac Safari.

Send email to OneNote: Send a mail to and we’ll save it into your OneNote Quick Notes. Forward a receipt from your inbox or send a web link from your phone to

Office Lens: Office Lens is a Windows Phone app that’s like having a scanner in your pocket. Take a picture of a whiteboard, document, business card, or anything. Office Lens will enhance the image and put it into your OneNote Quick Notes. We’ll recognize the text so you can search for your scans.

Partner apps and devices: We want to make it easy to remember things from anywhere, not just Microsoft apps. So we’ve been working with several key partners to let you do that. You can use these great apps and devices to get anything into OneNote today: Brother, Doxie Go, Epson, Feedly, Genius Scan, IFTTT, JotNot, Livescribe, Mod Notebook, News360 and Weave. Check them all out at

From the blog post announcement –

Read it for yourself. The post says it better than I ever could.



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