In this March meeting of Office 365 IUG, Sean McNeill had to attend to some urgent family matters. So our regular attendees and Mike Harris from Catapult and myself hosted Dave Huth and Michael Lappin from NUIX to tell us about their Intelligent Migration products. They feature in the meeting recording at 2:50 till 53:00

Organizations have large archives of email whether as PST files or from within other archiving solutions. NUIX help migrate the archives into Office 365 in a ‘Quick-Smart’ fashion. They gave us a good understanding of their products and ran an impressive migration demo.

  • It’s fast
    • Fastest migration from archive to Office 365 with the lowest error rate, well below %1.
    • Doesn’t require and API
    • Uses individual worker processes to migrate. When migrating to Office 365, the worker process is throttled. By using individual processes, multiple archives can be migrated simultaneously.
    • Daily throughput can be up to 6TB.
  • It’s smart
    • Filters and policies to leave behind former employee mailboxes, strip out notifications and excessive and repetitive email from domains such as marketing email.
    • Recovers data from corrupted archives

Thank you NUIX for introducing us to the possibility of making migrating archives so much faster and smarter.

Following that, Rene Modery recapped some of the announcements from SharePoint Conference 2014 in the meeting recording from 55:35 in the meeting

Rene brought together highlights of the SPC14 from blog posts, Twitter… and surprisingly this year, recordings from the conference were available a week after the event rather than a year after. A very impressive turn-around from the conference content team.

The message was clear at conference – Online first, with Office 365. But on-prem SharePoint is not going away. It was confirmed that there will be another on-prem version in 2015.

Rene also pointed us to Chris O’Brien’s blog post  about Microsoft moving to a more structured release plan. Organizations can apply for access to a first releases of changes in SharePoint, to help them plan for their production environments. –


Project Oslo and the Office Graph were introduced – surfacing the important and relevant content to you. –

New Yammer integration was discussed:

  • In-line / in application discussions
  • Yammer groups and calendars from within Outlook.

A new video portal for presenting your corporate videos was displayed.  Rene assumes it will use Windows Azure media services.

InfoPath had a funeral, but Microsoft wants input from the public about how they want the forms requirement to be developed.

Microsoft are giving more opportunities for feedback. We can add our voice to shaping form products or services using this link

And a new public Yammer network was launched for conversation and engaging with Office 365 IT Pros, Microsoft Product Group members, and MVP’s.  The network is a little over a week old with 1320 message posted and 3808 members and still growing. It is also a great way to investigate Yammer and experience it if you haven’t already done so.

Thank you Rene for bringing all those announcements together for us.

With so many announcements, we all better keep an eye on the social channels and Office 365 blogs for more. Thank you to all who attended and we hope to see you next time.



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