I saw this conversation between two students on Twitter. It looks like they were cramming for a test the next day. It showed a practical use for Office 365 in schools.

When teachers upload practise tests, homework and resources to a document library in Office 365, their students don’t have any homework sheets to lose  or get squashed in the bottom of a bag.

@AamarachiEgbued and @RamanL_, I have this tip to add that may help you both.

If your teacher is using a document library to share homework, tests and other resources, you can set yourselves an alert and be emailed as soon as a document is uploaded to the library.

Watch this video from 30 seconds onwards, to learn how to set an alert. It shows setting an alert for changes to the selected document. But if you don’t select a document, the alert will apply to changes in the library.
Open the document library in Office 365, where your homework, tests or assignments are stored.

  1. Select the Library Tab, then Alert Me, then Set an Alert on this Library.
  2. AlertMe01
  3. The default options are good enough to alert you via email. But have a look at some of the options available. You may only want to be alerted when a new document is added.
  4. AlertMe02
  5. After you have saved your Alert, you should get an email sent to your Office 365 email account, confirming the Alert has been created.

Following that, if a new items is added to the document library, you’ll receive an email.

Happy Cramming 🙂




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