Our adventurous little #MaxOutLync experiment was a success. We learned much from our first Max Out Lync Online meeting and a number of people have asked me to run it again.

When Wednesday, 12 Mar 9am PDT / UTC -7  In Your Timezone?
Where Online at
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Note: This online meeting will be recorded for the purpose of sharing the results with anyone who is interested in the performance of Lync Online meetings.


My goal is the same; to run an informal, open-to-anyone Lync Online meeting with 250 attendees:

  • Joining from a range of devices, browsers and platforms,
  • Running video, a presentation, shared OneNote notebook and polls.
  • Hold an open discussion to find some answers to some pressing questions about Lync Online meetings.

We will review and apply some of the lessons we learned from the first meeting.

Fewer presenters

Defined sections in the meeting for video conferencing / presentation / collaboration and NoteBoarding (white-boarding with OneNote)

We will compare the two meetings and discuss whether the experience has improved. We will also look at some new topics

  • The Lync Online meeting invite
  • Uploaded and shared PowerPoint vs PowerPoint via shared desktop

How to Join

From your browser – Learn more about how to join from a web browser in this blog post – “Lync Web App – The ‘join from browser’ experience

From tablet app, mobile app or desktop –  Windows 8Windows Phone / iPhone / Android

I hope to see you there.



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