Working from home today? Does your workplace use a distribution list to let others know that you’re working from home?If you’re using Lync as part of your Office 365 subscription, there are two ways you can tell people you are working from home.

  1. Use the Lync Note to share your status message, “What’s happening today?”
    This is an easy way to say what you’re working on whether you’re working from home.
    Try a status note like “WFH: Finalizing presentation for Friday”
  2. Set your location in Lync to Home
    Lync will match the location you enter here with your network settings. When you change the network you’re in, you can enter a new location. The next time you connect to the network in that location, Lync will automatically change the location status for you.

Privacy Relationships

Your Lync Contacts are all assigned a Privacy Relationship, which determines how much information you share with them. Your status note and location will be shared with your Colleagues and Workgroup.  By default, all Lync users from the same organization will be set to Colleagues. Workgroup members can see further information such as your mobile number and can interrupt your Do Not Disturb online status.


Your colleagues and workgroup members can now see you are working from home in Lync. The Lync note also appears in the contact card, which can be opened from a number of places you work. Outlook, Office applications like Word, SharePoint pages, CRM and the Lync contact list.

Opening the Lync contact card in Outlook

The Lync contact card with status note displayed

The Lync status note and location, two simply ways to tell colleagues you are working elsewhere.


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