SkyDrive Pro will soon become OneDrive for Business, according to this latest announcement.  Initially, it looks like this is just a rebranding exercise in response to the British Sky Broadcasting Group flexing their muscle and claiming “ownership” of the word Sky. But we should expect more changes to be announced for OneDrive for Business announced at the up and coming SharePoint Conference during 3-6 March.
In the meantime, I want to share this quick tip.


This is a screen clipping of your Favourite Locations from Windows File Explorer. It shows the SharePoint and SkyDrive Pro shortcut icons.  Both shortcuts are created when you choose to sync document libraries from SharePoint Online.

Selecting the SharePoint favourite location icon will list the document libraries you have synced from your SharePoint team sites.

Selecting the SkyDrive @ Your Organization favourite location icon will list the document libraries you have synced from your personal SkyDrive Pro storage.
Remember, your personal SkyDrive Pro storage is part of your organizations Microsoft Office 365 / SharePoint Online or SharePoint on-premises services. The clue is the @ Your Organization portion of the name.

When OneDrive and OneDrive for Business become available:

SkyDrive Pro = OneDrive for Business

I don’t expect the SharePoint name or favourite location icon to change.
But there are hopes that the OneDrive for Business syncing software and service will change, to sync more items and offer more granular control of syncing folders.

Let’s wait and see what changes are announced at SharePoint Conference this year.



  1. I hope they also improve the sync capabilities of the product. SkyDrive (free) seems to work so much better than the Pro version – Lots of file and sync issues with the later.


    1. I’m not sure how SkyDrive free syncs but SkyDrive Pro uses the old Groove application, syncing with SharePoint lists. I believe the limitation is a combination of Groove and SharePoint limitations. I look forward to seeing if OneDrive for Business brings more than a name change.


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