I like tech rumours. It’s not for the reason you may think. Some people like scandalous rumours because they get a kick out of someone else’s naughtiness or misfortune. I like tech rumours because when there is a hint of truth or a snippet of something, all the wonderers and what-if’s flood in. Conversations held on social media become a massive organic think-tank. Great ideas can be born from tech rumours.
So what of this one? Office Online. Is it just a rebranding exercise? Looking at the tiles in the screenshot below, it all fell into place like the simplified Tetris puzzle that is the Start Menu.


If Outlook Web App and OneNote have a free installable app, will we soon see Word, Excel, PowerPoint follow the same route? Will they all eventually be free apps, installed and leveraging either OneDrive or SharePoint Online on the backend?
Install Office Online apps to give you the basics.
For more features, install Office 365 Pro Plus.
As it is, Office Web Apps continue to improve, adding more of the commonly used features that are available from their desktop counterparts.

My feeling is this is more than rebranding. At least, that’s where the social media think-tank led my ideas and wonderings.



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