NZMSCloudUG_featThank you to all who attended the November meeting of the NZ Microsoft Cloud User Group. We’ve started using MeetUp and are currently sitting at 67 members after 2 weeks of being on the air.Join us on MeetUp if you’d like to be notified of future meetings and topics:
We had a lot of interaction and questions during and after the presentation, which is how a User Group should be.

Our attendees of the November meeting had a range of experience of Office 365, from “I’ve heard about it” to “I’m helping my customers implement it.”  We discussed some of the recent changes in Office 365 and the impact they have on users and IT Admins. One good discussion we had was about the changes in SkyDrive Pro, namely the increase in storage and the introduction of Get a Link for easier sharing.

There were plenty of questions about Yammer, some comparison to the SharePoint social features. So we’ll run a presentation about Yammer at one of the coming meetings. Attendees also asked for future meetings with presentations on CRM, Windows Azure, and Private cloud providers.

We will be making use of the MS Communities Office 365 subscription in the future, to share presentations and content. We will also get Yammer integrated into Office 365 and continue group discussion within the MS Communities Yammer network.
For now, my presentation from this meeting is available below, shared from my own Office 365 subscription.

Thanks again for attending and we look forward to seeing you at other coming meetings.



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