Office 365 has improved the sharing experience again in SharePoint Online. While I was preparing a presentation about ‘Keeping up with changes in Office 365’, I found the new simplified Share feature. Office 365 is always improving.
Previously, if you wanted to generate a guest link you would have to email yourself. Now you can simply generate one using Get a Link. Get a Link is now more like sharing in SkyDrive for consumers.

Use Invite People to share with specific people and require sign-in.


Create an anonymous guest link. No sign in required.


Be sure the content you share is ok to share publicly. You can disable the guest link if you want to stop sharing the document publicly. But if you want more control, sending a link to specific recipients that requires sign in, it’s best to use the Invite People option.




    1. Hi Christopher. Sometimes we need to be creative when the technology available doesn’t quite do what we want. I find that even though Office 365 is a standardized service with restrictions, you can achieve a lot more with it than the obvious. There are outside the square ways to use out of the box features, especially when you combine features between the different online service offerings. The services integrate, but they offer more possible uses than were originally intended in their design.For example, sharing a OneNote notebook with conference attendees and allowing them to add their notes from the different tracks they attend. The end result is a huge record / Wikipedia styled repository of peoples observations, reflections and take-away messages. Was OneNote designed to be used on such a large scale? No. But placing the notebook in SharePoint Online and sharing it with attendees using guest links and external user access meant we could achieve something bigger than collaborating with a team.


      1. Another really good example. I do think SharePoint public site needs to be more in line with WordPress capabilities. Until the product does most SMEs remain unimpressed with this part of O365 offering.


  1. On a similar basis, a handy but seldom discussed feature is that of embedding a shared document on the web. If the document is shareable anonymously from SharePoint (as in the case of a guest link) then the Word Web App can createembed code for you.
    Just open the document in the Word Web App, go to FILE | Share | Embed. Here you can specify the width and height of the iframe, then it creates the relevant iframe HTML code for you to paste into any iframe capable HTML object or page.
    I only recently stumbled across this myself!


    1. Hi Steve,I tried to open an Excel Sheet in Excel Web App, but when I go to Share menu there is no Embed feature, I came to know that its no longer available, is that true and is there any other way I can embed Excel Sheet on a public website which is uploaded to OneDrive or Sharepoint site.
      I appreciate any kind of help,


      1. The feature is definitely still there I checked out out this morning on OneDrive and SharePoint. A couple of things to check though….1) the file is in a folder or library that has permissions for anonymous guest links, 2) SP external sharing is enabled. In OneDrive consumer flavour this should not be an issue. I would point out that strangely the new Share button at the top of Word Online shows different options to the one under the FILE menu. No idea why but the Embed option only shoes under FILE in any case. Hope that helps.


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