Office365_PostUpgradeAdministrativeTasks_featAfter you have received your Service Upgrade for Office 365 to the new ‘2013’ products and services, you will eventually receive an email about performing post upgrade Administrative Tasks. The subject of the email is SERVICE ALERT: Take actionon these Office 365 administrative tasks.

It’s important that you don’t gloss over or bin this message. Read it through. The message is tailored to your organization. Office 365 detects how your people are using the Office 365 services, whether using Office software or via your web browser. Your people may be using a version of Office that has fallen behind in receiving it’s updates. Some people may still be connecting to Office 365 using Windows XP. Some administrative tasks are standard, such as upgrading your SharePoint Online site collections.

At Olympic Software, we ran a short webinar today, talking more about the administrative tasks email. We talked through some of the tasks and what they mean.
In the second half of the meeting, we took a quick walk through some of the changes in Office 365, particularly around SharePoint Online.  Some organizations have not been using SharePoint Online, perhaps because they found using it difficult. In the webinar we showed how SharePoint Online has been simplified, that working with files has become easier. Drag and Drop uploading, simpler offline file syncing, improved Office Web App experience in the browser. We also demonstrated some of the improvements in opening and saving documents in Office 2013 desktop software.

The video of the webinar below is 37 minutes long. It was recorded in a Lync 2013 meeting. It is best viewed full screen.
If you have any questions that arise from watching it, feel free to post a comment.



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