O365LearningCentre_featLet me draw your attention to a good learning and training resource for Office 365.
In a blog post over at SmartStuff, I made a list of useful Office 365 tutorial videos, extracted from the Microsoft Office training site.
Now I have found The Office 365 for Business Learning Center.

The Learning Center brings the videos, How-To’s and tutorials together.


Review the Intro and Setup section and learn how to get connected to Office 365 online services. Some of this content can be accessed from the Get Started pages when you log into Office 365 for the first time.


Once you are connected, learn more about how to use Office 365 services.

  • Documents – These tutorials are divided into two groups; store and share my documents, store and share team documents. “My documents” refers to working with your own personal SkyDrive Pro site. “Team documents” refers to your corporate team sites, project sites in SharePoint Online.
  • Sites – Learn how to create a Team site and how to organize information using lists and document libraries.
  • Mobile – Connect a wide range of devices using Windows phone/tablet, iOS and Android. Then learn how to install and use software and features with Office 365 services.
  • Collaborate – Find out how to use Team sites to work together, collaborate on documents or manage a project using sites.
  • Email, Calendar and People – This section shows you how to work with all three, either using Outlook on your desktop or Outlook Web App (OWA).
  • Meetings – Learn how to use Lync, both on the desktop and in your web browser, to run productive meetings from anywhere with an internet connection.


There are more tutorials and training videos for Office 2013 desktop software, for those people who want to dig deeper. I’m sure you will learn something new.

Creating the Office 365 for Business Learning Center was a good move for Microsoft. There is a need to improve the user training experience with Office 365 services and software. With this Center, users of Office 365 can begin to teach themselves. Or they can supplement the training they received during their organization’s implementation of Office 365.  I think training tutorials that combine a video with written content are best. Watch-the-movie-AND-read-the-book help people to understand by catering for both learning styles; the “Show How” approach and the “Read and Follow these Steps
” approach.

I look forward to seeing more content added to the Learning Center.



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