manyhats_feat“How do I add another email address for a user so they can send email from it?”
This question is asked a lot in the forums at

The scenario: A person has a primary email address, But they also fill a role that requires them to answer queries being sent to When they answer a query, the email needs to be sent from

This an area that Exchange Online needs improvement.  We can add alias email addresses to a user account, so that an individual can receive email sent to that alias. But when email is sent, it is from their primary email address.

The work around uses a Distribution Group. This works particularly well when the email alias relates to a role in the business. It’s very easy to assign an alias to another person taking over a role such as answering enquiries.

Using distribution groups is less elegant when you just want to assign an alias for some to email from a 2nd domain you are using in your organization. For example, and But it works well once the distribution group workaround is in place.

Using a Distribution Group to add an email address you can send from

There are two parts to these instructions – Create the Distribution Group, then configure Outlook/Outlook Web Access to send as the group.

Create the Distribution Group

  1. Log into the Office 365 admin portal –
    Or log directly into the Exchange Control Panel at  This is a good option for Small Business subscribers as it gives access to more options that the simplified admin centre.
    ~ Now that I’ve told you where the full Exchange Control Panel is, you must try not to hurt yourselves or your other users 😉
  2. Select Admin > Exchange
  3. Select Recipients > Groups
  4. Add a Distribution Group
  5. Fill in the details:
    1. Display name will be how it is displayed in the internal address book.
    2. Alias will form the email address
    3. Email address includes the alias @ domainname. Select the domain name you intend to use from the drop down box.
    4. The Owner will be filled out already with the username of the person creating the Distribution Group. Owners can be added automatically as members of the group.
    5. Add other members to the group if required.
    6. Set the group to Closed, requiring approval from the group owner to join.  If left open, anyone in your organization can join the group and receive it’s email.
  6. Save the group
  7. Wait 30 seconds for the group to continue to save.
  8. Edit the group to make further changes:
    1. Delivery Management – Change to Senders inside and outside my organization
    2. Group Delegation – Add the individual or group members to Send As.
      **This important setting is the one that allows group members to send from the email address
    3. Save the Distribution Group.

Configure Outlook/Outlook Web Access to send as the Distribution Group


Note – If you have more than one email account connected in Outlook, the From field will already be visible. (Thanks for the feedback ImTs-Manny via

  1. Create a new email message
  2. Make the From field visible by doing the following:
    1. Select Options from the Ribbon menu
    2. In the Show Fields section, choose From
  3. Select the From button > Other Email addresses
  4. Select the From button again to open the Global Address List
  5. In the Search box, enter the name of the new Distribution Group – i.e. info
  6. Select the new Distribution Group and choose OK.
  7. Choose OK to use and save the distribution group to use again.

Outlook Web App

  1. Create a new email message
  2. Make the From field visible by doing the following:
    1. Select the menu (ellipse menu).
    2. Choose show from.
  3. Right-Click on your name in the From field and choose remove.
  4. Type the address for the Distribution Group. The address may resolve and display from the Directory or Global Address List. You can select it to fill out the address in the From field.
  5. After sending the email using the Distribution Group address, it will be available to use again using the drop-down From menu.

Discussion: Why is adding an alias not enough?

Why can’t we simply add an alias to a user’s account and change the From field to the new alias? This would certainly be simpler. Adding an alias could then assume the user has ‘Send As’ permissions. This discussion has been going for a while now.
If the Exchange Dev team are listening as much as the SharePoint Dev team have been lately, we might see this change. This is one of the advantages of developing for Exchange Online. Changes can be developed and implemented in far shorter update cadences than previously possible.

I look forward to seeing if this long standing request is addressed.




  1. Hi, Thanks for the clear explanation.
    There is the option to create a Shared mailbox, which is not costing an additional license.
    Wouldn’t that be a better solution?


    1. There exists a cloud service named “ChooseFrom 365” that allows Office 365 users to send a message with any of their own SMTP addresses as the From address.


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