The #NZSPC 2013 Conference notebook – archived now in OneDrive

The ushering in of SharePoint 2013 brings a number of new features and options to connect socially and collaboratively with colleagues, team members and even external partners.

One feature that has had the “Bring to Front” treatment is the OneNote Notebook. Microsoft has performed something of a passive re-launch using SharePoint 2013’s default Team Site template, placing a Notebook right below the Home button in the Quick Launch menu. It is intended that more organizations and teams experience the capabilities of OneNote as a Web App and in connection with OneNote software.

The SharePoint Conference New Zealand attendees had the opportunity to be part of a live and interactive experience, demonstrating the collaborative power of Microsoft SharePoint 2013, Office 365 and OneNote.
OneNote and SharePoint have played happily together for a while now and some organizations have discovered this simply by exploring what it can do. Teams have been able to share a notebook for some time. But at SPCNZ, we wanted to think BIGGER.

What if?

  • What if conference attendees could all make notes during the conference keynotes, seminars and classes, in One place?
  • What if presenters could add their content and resources in One place, easily, so all attendees could benefit?
  • What if we published that notebook, via an Anonymous External Guest Link, so people who couldn’t attend SPCNZ could benefit from others notes?
  • What if this all happened in real time?

Sounds like a lot of work to make it happen. Sounds like you need a number of cleverly developed pages and web services to make this possible. But this “Outside-the-Square-Out-of-the-Box” feature is simply that, available to any organization or user of SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint Online via Office 365.


ShareThePoint, SharePoint Online and OneNote

ShareThePoint hosted the OneNote Notebook on their SharePoint Online demo site. The default Team Site notebook was populated with sections and pages reflecting the different seminar streams, rooms and keynotes. Other sections were created for vendor pages and general resources. Instructions for using the notebook were included in the notebook, making it a self-contained, self-instructing resource.

The only thing left to do was to publish a public Guest Link via social media and websites, asking for volunteers to become micro-bloggers and note-takers. The Guest Link was shortened using, to capture some visitation statistics and make the link easier to publish.


Connect, Note and Share

Volunteers received an invite from the website and had a number of options to connect to the notebook and contribute.
The options available were:

  • OneNote Web App via browser on multiple platforms (Safari, Chrome, IE)
  • OneNote Desktop software
  • OneNote Windows 8 App
  • Windows Phone 7.8 & 8 OneNote via the Office Hub.

From the Keynote speech to the last round of seminars, notes, viewpoints, reflections and resources were added to the notebook. Photos of presenters and action on stage was captured. SharePoint Idol notes were a good example of this.
Even Sam the SharePoint Man made an appearance, playing Xbox Kinect.
Presenters made contributions to the notebook, adding Blog content, resources and links to slides from the seminars.

But best of all, notes from a number of the seminars were captured and shared with attendees and a wider internet audience, tuning in via the OneNote Web App Guest Link.




Visits to the Guest Link have continued, days after the conference. You the reader are also welcome to visit the OneNote notebook and benefit from the notes, pictures and resources collected during the conference.

New Conference Standard?

Is this the new standard for an interactive note taking experience, for events and conferences?
When this “Outside-the-Square-Out-of-the-Box” feature is available to any organization or individual using SharePoint 2013 or SharePoint Online, why not? It was implemented with very little effort.

Add an interactive experience to your next event or conference.

– Darrell Webster | | @DarrellCWebster

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